Emergencies for Pediatric Dentistry

What Sets Us Apart

What is our hope for your child at Wild Smiles?

We want children to have a great time at the dentist! We want your child to look forward to his or her visit and be able to confront any and all dental procedures necessary to achieve optimum dental health. We want your child to understand dental diseases so he or she may be able to better control their dental future.

How does Wild Smiles educate children about dental disease?

Dr. Chuck Hughes has dedicated his 23-year dental career to searching for the best way to educate children. He has developed the famous “Bug Quiz” that totally achieves the goal of education. When children complete the quiz with the doctor, they understand decay and how to control this terrible disease.

Dr. Chuck has trained all his pediatric and general dentists and his entire staff to give the “Bug Quiz.” Your child will leave Wild Smiles a little smarter about dental decay. To reinforce this knowledge, the office is full of decorations that solidify your child’s knowledge. We may not achieve the full level of knowledge we are after in one visit, but we will get there!

Why should a parent choose a pediatric dental office?

Just as a pediatrician is a specialist who cares for your child’s medical needs, a pediatric dentist is a specialist who cares for your child’s oral health and dental needs. A pediatric dentist receives two years of specialty training beyond dental school. Most are hospital trained with significant study devoted to the psychological aspects of guiding children through the dental experience.

Pediatric dentists are also extensively trained in growth and development and are better able to treat your child in the most appropriate manner while they transition both dentally and skeletally from a child to an adult. A pediatric dentist also practices in a “kid-friendly facility," with pediatric-size instruments and equipment and is better able to guide your child through a dental procedure.

Wild Smiles also has general dentists that have dedicated their life and career to dentistry for children. These general dentists have years of experience treating children and are very fun! They not only see smaller children, but are able to handle the more adult type procedures of older children and teenagers. They are also able to perform cosmetic procedures such as veneers and porcelain crowns.

Are parents allowed in the treatment room?

Yes, at Wild Smiles parents are allowed in the treatment room. Our goal is to make your child as comfortable as possible and your presence often helps achieve that goal. We are proud of our team’s ability to guide your child through the dental experience and want parents to know what’s going on. Should a parent’s presence be hindering your child’s progress, the doctor will discuss your options.

Wild Smiles wants your child to have a positive experience and gain trust and confidence when coming to the dentist. Some children do better with mom, some with dad, some with a grandparent, some with no parent! We are just looking for the best combination, striving toward the goal of your child doing great no matter the situation — totally independent and confident!

Why not use silver/mercury amalgam fillings for my child's cavities?

Although more expensive, Wild Smiles uses bonded white fillings rather than amalgam. The research shows that more than 30% of the silver mercury fillings placed on baby teeth will break and have to be replaced within 18-20 months. Re-treatment of failed work is not only expensive, but means that your child will have to go through having the same tooth treated twice. The issue of safety is always a concern, and Wild Smiles feels it best to avoid toxic heavy metals such as mercury.

What can parents do to prevent ongoing cavity problems?

This is important because children with cavities are much more likely to have new cavities in the future. The doctors at Wild Smiles will recommend a specific preventive protocol for your child and have exciting new options available. Some of the advanced protocols include use of prescription toothpastes (tricalcium phosphate or high concentration fluoride pastes), use of xylitol gum and mints and a promising new chlorhexidine varnish/probiotic combination.

What kind of equipment is used?

Wild Smiles uses state-of-the-art technology, including the newest generation of x-ray equipment that ensures the lowest radiation possible for your child. We also use air abrasion that minimizes the dental noise that can add to a child’s natural anxiety. Air abrasion handpieces are not only quieter, but deliver no torque to the teeth, so that many procedures can even be accomplished without a local anesthetic (shot).

Can my child be sedated in the office?

Wild Smiles offers an in-office sedation option for parents with very young children who have substantial dental needs. Our doctors are hospital trained, and are not only licensed by the State of Tennessee, but also have a specialized sedation and facility permit that is required to offer this approach. Many families prefer the sedation option as a way to accomplish treatment that avoids a negative memory toward future dentistry.

What else should I know?

Wild Smiles provides a unique, child friendly, professionally themed jungle office to help your child’s dental experience be the best possible. Our Mission is to become recognized as “A Center for Excellence in Pediatric Dentistry.. We are committed to quality care while building personal relationships and providing outstanding customer service within a fun, loving and state-of-the-art environment.

Why did Dr. Chuck Hughes create an office so kid-friendly? Will this make dental care more expensive?

Dr. Chuck created Wild Smiles as a kid-friendly office because it makes his job easier. When kids are happy, parents are happy. When kids and parents are happy, the doctors and staff are happy. A great environment pays for itself. Dental fees at WildSmiles are totally in line with the dental community of Jackson, TN and in many cases--less!.

The decor is designed to teach and reinforce the education received at Wild Smiles. Only through education and learning to control dental disease can a person lower his or her health costs. We would highly prefer your dental costs be two check ups per year and your toothpaste and floss! Toothbrushes are on us!

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